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  • Development Overview
  • Current Machines
  • Milestone Tables
  • Progress Charts
  • Development Overview
    Based on the original 25 year plan, MPS follows a 5 step machine-centric development process, broken down into engineering 'Mark' steps. We are currently on Mark II.

    Current Machines
    Mk II Projected Completion Date:	18-11-15
    Mk III Projected Completion Date:	12-07-17
    Mk IV Projected Completion Date:	06-03-19
    As of: 08JUL2015

    Milestone Tables
    The very specific milestone tables were not included in the most recent update because 1) they take a lot of time to post and 2) nothing is really bound to change from week to week, so there is nothing being missed until we have more regular progress. Stay tuned for new updates!

    Progress Charts