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  • Careers Overview
    Generally, no positions in MPS offer remuneration of any form. We are currently offering a few barely-paid positions to assist in making the move, and constructing the new MCF-2 Complex. When working with MPS, expect to get your hands dirty. Expect to do lots of things that have nothing to do with your field of study. If you are confident in your skill levels, contact HR [at] mechaps [dot] com for further details. MPS will assist in providing academic credit for interns.

    The Intern Cycle
    MPS typically holds two four-month long intern cycles, one each in summer and winter. During the move, this has been de facto suspended. If you are interested in lots of travel, or you have reason to be in both Texas, and California, feel free to apply. Most of our team members came from successful internships.

    Open Positions
    Box Mover - General hands on work with moving and disassembly of mech parts and other company property. Requires ability to lift 50-70 lbs, stamina to move items for some period. Ability to deal with dusty, desert situations. We will train for this position.

    Dirt Mover - For some reason, making a mech involves a tremendous amount of dirt moving. A Dirt Mover may be operating heavy equipment, or using hand tools to transport top soil from one location to another. Focus is on dirt migration in prep or closure of building foundations. We will train for this position.

    General Construction - Focused on rough-in construction, the General Construction person will be participating in the install or removal of electrical, plumbing, wall segments, steel buildings, concrete forms, and related work. This requires conscientious adherence to well-defined steps and a careful demeanor. Experience with powertools is a plus. We will train for this position.

    Test Pilot - Similar to Box Mover except that you spend a lot of time documenting physical measurements and installing stuff into the mech's cockpit. Much like everyone else, you will get to drive the mech. The difference is, test pilots will be bored of it by the time the mech is done. Requires good communication skills, adherence to details, and timelines.

    Welder - Basic operation of MIG, TIG, plasma cutter, cutting torch, and other hand tools. Must be able to read diagrams, take instruction, make careful cuts, and be precise when welding components. Requires adherence to standard safety protocols. We will train for this position.

    Machinist - Basic operation of mill, lathe, drillpress, bandsaw, metal brake, and handtools. Requires adherence to standard safety protocols. We will train for this position.

    Programmer, Embedded - A developer who uses embedded systems and is comfortable developing remotely. We will train for this position on hardware specifics, but you already need to have the ability to work with embedded hardware.

    Web App Developer - A developer capable of lifecycle development with a focus on business apps. We will train for this position.

    Unix Programmer - Focusing on Perl and other command line work, the ideal candidate will enjoy long hours logged in from the mech's cockpit, or from a remote location. Some training will be provided for this position, but the ideal candidate is either proficient in unix-type operating systems with some programming experience, or an adept programmer in C, C++, Perl, or similar language.

    Unix Administrator - Focusing on Perl and shellscripts, the ideal candidate can compile and optimize system code, handles a package manager like a pro, and enjoys squeezing that last 1% of CPU performance out of sheer excellence. MPS can train for this position, but an ideal candidate either has unix/linux experience, or does not mind full, brutal immersion.

    Wire Monkey - Does the idea of laying 2 miles of cat6e cable sound like a fun Saturday to you? Do you dream in wireless? If so, you might be the right match for a glorified wire-runner. MPS will train for this position, with the intention to promote to a Network Operations Admin, Desktop Support, or IT General Staff.

    Graphic Design / Website Developer - A website developer or graphics-capable individual to initialize and develop a pet project, GiantRobotsInc.com. We will train for this position on technical details, but you need to be self-sufficient in the scope of your art and style.

    Company Culture
    Idealists join, get burnt out from the never ending work, need for precision, lack of break time, and quit. If this sounds like your cup of tea, contact HR.

    Online Application
    For now, just email HR [at] mechaps [dot] com