Welcome to the Official MPS Website. This site will serve as a portal for fans, partners, and consumers to view visual and textual content on company happenings, product developments, public appearances, propaganda and paraphernalia, and every other person, place, thing, or idea behind the logo, and its happenings.

The goal of Mechanized Propulsion Systems, Inc. is to retail bipedal humanoid industrial vehicles for use in Commercial, Industrial, and Military Defense.

With an origin in the heart of both high-end commercial and DIY aerospace and defense in Southern California, MPS is currently relocating to the state of Texas. MPS follows a flexible development initiative plan, and relying on existing, proven technology as a base for developing new and innovative solutions. By leveraging existing engineering and business methods, and developing new technology based on tested, functional concepts, we develop products and services to suit needs in logistics, forestry, firefighting, policing, mining, construction, and other heavy industry.

Thank you for your interest in our company.

Earle Karl Rudolph Bishop, III
Project Coordinator, Co-Founder, CEO
Mechanized Propulsion Systems, Inc.