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  • Terms of Use / Terms of Service

    This document pertains to any and all third level derivatives of, hereafter referred to as 'Site'. Any and all information transmitted from this website at the request of a remote computer is referred to as 'Data' or 'Content.' This includes, but is not limited to; pages, HTML documents, MS Word formatted documents, Adobe acrobat formatted documents, DIVX, AVI, MPEG compressed movie files, GIF, JPEG, BMP, and PNG formatted image files. Content sent in this manner is intended only for the individual operator whose computer has issued the request, hereafter referred to as 'Viewer'.

    UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE VIEWERS OF CONTENT FROM THIS SITE PERMITTED TO KNOWINGLY DUPLICATE ANY DATA, IN PART OR WHOLE, FROM THIS WEBSITE. Prohibition of storage include, but are not limited to, categorical saving of all webcontent available (Site Sucking), printing hard copies of Data, saving Data to disk with the intention of later viewing in a permanent or semi-permanent fashion. Cached copies of Data on the computer of the Viewer must be cleared once the viewing session has been completed. Cached copies of data may only be archived by well-known Search Engines and only if proper credit is given, including that the document displayed is a cached copy, and may not be up to date.

    INDIVIDUALS REPRESENTING PRESS OR MEDIA DISTRIBUTION OUTLETS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO REPRINT CONTENT WITHOUT EXPRESSED PERMISSION UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Digital or physical reprinting of Data from this website, even under terms of 'Fair Use' is expressly prohibited excepting that the following two conditions are met: All material complies with our press policy ( in whole, and that permission by a Company Agent has been expressly given in writing.


    Privacy Policy

    This document pertains to any and all third level derivatives of, hereafter referred to as 'Site'. The following information is for the purpose of alerting you to the information about you that this Site collects and/or shares.

    This site has a Concepts Database. A Concepts Database houses ideas or concepts that are provided by a Viewer. Sole ownership of all media is transferred to MPS once you have remitted it to the Concepts Database. Once information is entered into the concepts database, it cannot be removed, except in the case of copyright violation by a third party. MPS may remove or edit content at its sole discretion. The information you provide is openly shared with all other website viewers.

    This site has a Mailinglist. Participation in the mailinglist requires you to submit your email address to our database. Participation is on an AT WILL basis, and may be terminated by either party, without repercussion. This information is not transmitted, directly or indirectly, in any means to third parties.

    This site has a Message Board. The message board may be read-only accessed with or without membership (see 'Server Logs' for more information). Membership provides you with the ability to post comments, and edit your comments. It requires the remission of a valid email address. This email address is kept unencrypted, and is not shared with any third party either directly or indirectly. Other information may be provided in a User Profile. The information you provide is your responsibility. By having a Membership to the message board, you hereby agree to hold free from indemnification MPS and/or its constituents. You are responsible for all aspects of information you post. Participation is on an AT WILL basis, and may be terminated by either party, without repercussion.

    This site has an Employment Application An Employment Application allows you to submit a request for consideration for participation in the MPS Project. This information becomes the sole property of MPS upon remittance. This information may be shared with third parties in a personal way. This information, in general, is not distributed through public channels.

    This site has Server Logs. Server logs track your activity on the Site in a non-personal way. Information is organized by date of the request issued from the Viewer's computer. It contains the time of access, the IP address of the requesting computer, the page or data requested, the size of the data transfer, in bytes, and the final status of the transfer request. This information may be extrapolated into graphs and/or charts to demonstrate user-unspecific geographic access points and frequency. It may also be extrapolated to reveal common access points or paths. This information is never transmitted directly to any third party. Extrapolated information may be expressed to a third party.


    Copyright Information

    All Data on this Site is copyrighted 1999-2011 Mechanized Propulsion Systems, all rights reserved. By viewing said Data, you willingly acknowledge that all derivative works on your behalf are wholly owned by Mechanized Propulsion Systems. Unauthorized duplication of site content is not permitted. Translations of this legal description page into other languages are not permited.