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  • Scheduled Events
    MPS is currently not scheduling any venues. If you would like MPS to appear at your event, please contact us at PR [at] MechaPS [dot] com

    MPS In Person
    Presentation Procedure
    Mechanized Propulsion Systems offers a professional, in-person panel of representatives, including recorded content from our team abroad. On average, MPS panels run from 90 minutes to 2 hours, and consist of mecha-tech demonstrations with verbal explanation and heavy visual reinforcement with both physical props and computer animations. After about 45 minutes of speech, we open up to questions from the audience. This generally lasts until we stop for personal contacts and panel closing. During personal contact, audience members can meet and greet the team individually, as well as handle material samples, cockpit hardware, models, and mech parts that are on hand. Depending on convention size and availability, we may distribute MPS merchandise such as t-shirts or stickers.

    Presentation Content
    Presentations are done in sequence by each member of the panel. Speech content is generally pre-arranged, but is not scripted. In addition to the spoken word, presentations can include props ranging from digital images and animations to live demonstrations of materials used on the machine, or potential technologies for future models, such as metal artificial muscles.

    Presentation Requirements
    The presentation room must have a video projector that is capable of displaying viewable content to all seated attendees. This video setup must accept VGA/SVGA or DVI output. Audio setups must allow for each speaker to have reasonable microphone access, seating space, and access to tablespace to hold presentation props. The ability to accept audio-out from a computer using standard plugs may be required. Seating for an audience of 200 to 800 people is desired. Given the great expenditure that each team member puts forth not only composing their presentation, but supplying transportation for themselves and their equipment, it is generally courteous to not run our panel against larger draw events that are convention staples. It is also appreciated if conflicting mech-related content is not cross-scheduled. Depending on distance and travel arrangements, MPS may require compensation for lodging, or transportation. Typically, MPS self-advertises at an event, handing out fliers and communicating with attendees individually before (and after) our panel(s). Cross promotion involving advertisement in convention guidebooks, or posted bills is normally paired with an MPS staffed booth. Depending on circumstances, a convention is expected to make booth space available, and run printed guide content provided by MPS. Both booth and presentation room must provide at least one power drop for distributable use.

    Press Relations
    Publishing Requirements
    Please review the following requirements for third party published material relating to MPS.

    - You must contact the MPS Team prior to publishing material that relates to our project, even if you are not performing an interview.
    - You must provide at least one copy of the finished product or publication to the MPS Team. MPS will make provisions for reasonable shipping costs.
    - For printed material, you must include at least once in the article, the address of the MPS Website:
    - For audio material, you must clearly mention the website, and that more information about the project can be found there. You must both speak and spell the name of the site.
    - For video material with an audio dialog, you must clearly mention the website address, and that more information about the project can be found there. You are also required to display the address of the MPS Website: for no less than five (5) seconds.
    - Video material with no audio dialog is treated as printed media.
    - Please exercise particular care in spelling names and titles correctly. This helps avoid any embarrassment on part of the publisher or the MPS Team.
    - To assist you in creating your publication, any necessary information including technical errata, image or line art files, etc, can be acquired from our Public Relations staff. Contact Molly using PR [at] MechaPS [dot] com

    Interview Requirements
    Please contact our Public Relations staff if you would like to set up an interview, PR [at] MechaPS [dot] com
    - You will need to schedule a date and time for your interview.
    - We appreciate having a list of questions prepared beforehand. Questions do not need to be exact, general guidelines are fine. This helps us be prepared and versed in the type of information you are interested in asking during the interview.
    - Depending on the nature of the interview, different Team members will be appropriate for your interview. Please suggest the person(s) and/or department(s) you would like to speak with.
    - Have the interviewer request our official glossary for jargon. This greatly reduces the risk of miscommunication during the interview.

    Propaganda Request
    Organizations (or certain qualified individuals) may make a self-addressed written request for any of the following to be donated to their event. Individuals and groups may request printed items only.
    Propaganda Sticker
    Green text on black vinyl, featuring a greyscale print of Michael Kingery's Mark-III concept art and the MPS logo. This sticker is sized at 3 inches by 2 inches.
    Green text on black vinyl, featuring a greyscale print of Michael Kingery's Mark-III concept art and MPS logo. 4mil vinyl using water and UV resistant inks - means no fading in the sun or bleeding in the rain. Sticker text reads "Drive Defensively: Pilot a Mech!" OTHER BUMPERSTICKERS ARE AVAILABLE!!
    Embroidered Twill Hat
    The official MPS hat, worn by Team and fans alike. This item sports an embroidered MPS logo, and the words MECHANIZED PROPULSION SYSTEMS.
    Embroidered Leatherette Bag
    Official MPS laptopbag. Convenient for storing your world domination plans, or perhaps a laptop. This item sports an embroidered MPS logo, and the words MECHANIZED PROPULSION SYSTEMS.

    Triathlon Coffee Mug
    Official MPS coffee holding device. Convenient for storing your soon-to-be long nights of caffeinated planning or perhaps some nice tea. This item sports a parody of three great things to do with a mech. OTHER COFEE MUGS ARE AVAILABLE!!